Unst and Fetlar

Visiting the three larger Northern Isles in Shetland is almost a holiday within a holiday.  To visit Yell you get one ferry from the Mainland and to get to Unst and Fetlar you will need to get a further ferry at the north end of Yell.


For many years my favourite Island was Fetlar, I loved the remote feel and could sit for hours just looking at  Loch Funzie waiting for birds to land to photograph.  I was very content listening to the sounds around me, .sounds of snipe drumming and skylarks singing.  Fetlar known as the Garden of Shetland is alive with wildflowers through summer,

As I started to guide more, I visited Unst more frequently. I started taking visitors there to visit Hermaness that has stunning views and significant colonies of Gannets and Great Skuas to photograph.  Unst has so much heritage and an awesome cake box with home bakes and a café where I love to visit for a toasted sandwich during our tour.

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