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Northlink Ferry

Legend has it that the area called Girlsta in Shetland is named after Geirhilda, a Norwegian Princess. She was on her way to Iceland with her two sisters and her father known as Flockie of the Ravens (Ramna Flokkie), and at the time they were overwintering in Shetland while Flockie acquired additional young Ravens to assist with the navigation.  While he was out collecting ravens, Geirhilda fell through the ice and into Girlsta Loch and drowned and legend has it that she was buried on the island in the loch. 

So unlike Flokkie of the Ravens, we do not have to go and collect young Ravens before we travel as we have excellent and reliable transport links on the Islands


Daily flights from Sumburgh Airport located at the south end of the Island to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.


The main ferry service between Aberdeen and Shetland runs daily and takes about 12 hours always on a direct overnight sailing.  The boat has lovely cabins and reclining chairs, so it’s very comfortable.   If it is not a direct sailing, you will be calling into Kirkwall in Orkney as part of your journey.

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