Aperture Shetland - Located on 60N Degree line of Latitude - Shetland is made up of 100 Islands and 16 of them are inhabited all the time and linked to the main island either by ferry, bridge or plane.  Because of this unique feature, every time you head out to a different Island, it is like having a holiday within a holiday.  Shetland has beautiful wildlife, archaeology, geology, history and heritage that is waiting to be explored and just ready for a good day of photography.

Lerwick is the capital of Shetland and has been since 1838 and means muddy or clay bay.  It is our only town in Shetland.  Lerwick is the second place I have called home that has been established with Dutch influence.


Shetland has only been part of Scotland for 550 years when in 1469 Princess Margaret of Denmark was betrothed to King James III of Scotland.  King Christian of Denmark, her father, did not have enough money to pay the wedding dowry so instead pawned Shetland to Scotland. 

Despite its northern latitude, Shetland enjoys a pleasant, moderate climate with average winter temperatures.  The shores of the islands are warmed by the Gulf Stream that comes up from Florida.

The summer days are long.  At mid-summer, the sun is above the horizon for almost 19 hours.  On a clear night, it never gets dark between sunset and sunrise.  This is known as the Simmer Dim in Shetland.  Sunsets and sunrises can be magnificent.  Weather is Shetland, however, can be  very changeable and the four seasons in a day effect can be enjoyed here at any time of year.

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